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Merry Kissmass

Unwinding her relationship from a controlling choreographer, Kayla happens to fall for a handsome man, Dustin, who she shares a magical kiss with on a chance elevator encounter. But, when the choreographer begins to make nice and Dustin is the one who makes some missteps, Kayla is torn on which man she really loves.

Music Composed: Brandon Jarrett
Directed and Produced by: Michael Feifer

Karissa Staples as Kayla
Brant Daugherty as Dustin
Brittany Underwood as Kim
Ion Overman as Jana
Roxanne Hart as Mrs. Joyner
Doris Roberts as Mrs. Billing

SAT, DEC 5 9|8c PM

SUN, DEC 20 5|4c PM
FRI, DEC 25 1|12c PM