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The television movie THE LAST APPEAL will premiere on DAYSTAR TV NETWORK Saturday, August 27th @ 4pm pacific time (7pm eastern time). Tune in and watch or set your DVRs and catch it!

THE LAST APPEAL – A powerful faith based drama set in the world of death row where prisoners face insurmountable legal battles, family struggles and mortality. Titus Freeman enters this daunting world determined to work the legal system to escape his sentence but discovers a new life beyond the grave.

Outside of this world is Titus’ victim’s wife Trisha who works the legal system to enforce his execution. Her ambition covers a darker secret that only her late husband knew about. It is not until this life altering secret is exposed that Trisha can escape a prison of her own.

Starring: Jason Sims-Prewitt, John Bentely and Kimberly Arland
Directed by: Trey Fernald and Michael Feifer
Produced by: Trey Fernald, Ariel Fernald and Michael Feifer
Music Composed by: Brandon Jarrett